Your New Local Mobile Dog Grooming Service.

No more searching for “Dog groomer near me” because we will come to you! Even though we are new to the area,
we have been grooming dogs, BIG and SMALL for over 30 years. So we know what we are doing and will make sure
your pup is clean and happy!

We serve the Freeport, Santa Rosa beach, Grayton Beach, seaside, Water Sound (south Walton Co) areas.

Puppy Trim

This focuses on exposing your young pup to the grooming process.

Bath and Brush

This includes a bath, a quick brush out, nails clipped/dremel, ears swabbed.

Nail Trim

Nail clipping and filing (if pet allows) in the convenience of your driveway.

Full Service Groom

This is includes everything in the trim and tidy package plus an all over haircut.

30 A to the Bay Prices

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