Same day appointments are not available; if you require immediate service, please consult with your veterinarian. Mobile grooming appointments are scheduled according to our weekly neighborhood route, and available openings.

New clients are accepted on an annual maintenance schedule of 4,6,8 week appointments are necessary. Also to ensure appointment availability and keeping your pet in the best overall condition.

Prices are for one dog (Sorry no multiple dog discounts)

Oodles of Doodles!

We have groomed some of the best doods in East Tennessee. But they are very time consuming to groom because of their unique coat and haircuts. Some take 1.5 hours, some take up to 3 hours. For this reason, all NEW doodles will be required to be on a 2-6 week rotation. This consistency will help keep matts from forming and help with the relationship I have with your dood.

We will list pricing for new doodle clients below.

All prices include a bath in whichever shampoo that best fits your pet, deep conditioning, hand drying (NO cages) routine brushing (does NOT include Matt removal), nails clipped, nails filed (if pet allows- I will not stress your pet out for this) ears cleaned, ear hair removal (if needed), gland expression (if requested), haircut and/or deshed, and the convenience/travel fee.




Maintenance Haircut

(4 week appointment)


Matt Removal

additional to haircut package only


Other Breeds Services / Price list.

Full Service Groom

This is includes everything in the trim and tidy package plus an all over haircut. Prices are based on breed, style, condition, and temperament.


and up
1 hr and up


Trim and Tidy

This is includes a bath, brush out, nails clipped and filed, ears cleaned, face trim with light shape up, sanitary trim, & paws trimmed. Prices are based on breed, style, condition, and temperament.


and up
1 hr and up


Puppy Trim

(4 months & younger)

This focuses on exposing your young pup to the grooming process. They will receive everything in the bath pkg & long hair breeds will receive a trim around the face, potty areas, & feet.


and up
1 hr and up

Bath and Brush

This package is great
for a quick spruce up for
short hair breeds. This includes a
bath, a quick brush out, nails clipped/dremel, ears swabbed, Prices based on breed


and up
30-45 minutes and up


Nail Trim

Nail clipping and filing (if pet allows) in the convenience of your driveway.

*This service is provided
while in your neighborhood or area of town only.


15-30 minutes